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lEt mE sEE sEE是什么意思

let me see see 让我看看 (中式英语) 1. 让我看看 例句: 1. Let's see the show, let's see if you can scare me. 让我们来看看表演,让我们看看你能吓到我吗。 2. All right, all right, let me see your hands! Let me see your hands! 好了...


let me see 让我(我们)看看 let's see 咱们走着瞧 让我想想看

普通回答:fine, cool, all right, cheers, take your time 中国式回答:have a good see see

都可以啊,要看语境了。 例如: Let me see your license and registration. 让我看看你的执照和登记卡。 Let me see, what date are they leaving? 让我想想,他们是什么时候动身的?

Let me see 生词本 简明释义 让我想想 以下结果由 金山词霸 提供 网络释义 1. 让我想一想。 2. 让我想想。 3. 让我看一下。 4. 让我看看 5. 让我看看。

I think you wanna' come over yeah I heard it through the grapevine Are you drunk or you sober Think about it doesn't matter And if it makes you feel good then I say do it I don't know what you're waiting for Feel my temperature...


我觉得应该是see you again

let me see和let me have a look都可以表示“让我看看”的意思。区别就在于see和look,一般来说look只是扫一眼,看得不仔细;see表示的意思要仔细一些。另外,let me see也可以表示“让我想想”的意思。

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